Produce & Features

Cow Milk Dairy

We have an Organic, Naturally Farmed Cow Milk dairy, in which all the greens & fodder is home grown at our own farm, completely organically. We have Holstein Friesian cows for Organic A1 cow milk & 'desi' Sahiwal Cows for Organic A2 cow milk. The manure from the dairy, is in turn used in the organic fields.

Goat Farming.

We have 'Beetal' breed of goats for Goat Milk.

Vegetable Net House for Organic farming of Vegetables.

We also have Net houses for protected farming of vegetables in which the crop is physically protected against insects etc, & from adverse weather like excessive rainfall, or heat (as we have foggers in the net houses). We also have drip irrigation in these net houses for better irrigation management. The usual crops grown in these net houses are tomatoes, capsicum, lettuce, broccoli, seedless cucumbers etc.

The net houses help us to get a better crop of organic vegetables as they offer protection but also help us in a higher yield (upto 8 times) as we can take the plants vertical. Also at times we can grow vegetables a little prior or later than the usual season as they are in a semi-protected environment. Also, in the adjoining area of the net houses, we also plant many vegetables in 'low tunneling' for protection of the crop from weather & insects and to get an earlier harvest of the vegetables.

Organic Multi Fruit Orchard.

We have enclosed an area of 1 acre with chain link fencing & planted a multi fruit orchard, which has mangoes, guavas & other miscellaneous fruit trees. In the initial stages, we are also growing some vegetables as inter cropping till the fruit trees are small. Once a full fledged orchard is ready, we shall get assorted organic fruits almost all round the year.

Open Field Organic Agriculture of Wheat, Basmati Rice, Pulses & livestock fodder.

Our total landholding of approx 14 acres has a majority of land dedicated to open field organic farming of C306 wheat, Basmati, Pulses & fodder for our livestock. These crops are rotated each year to for further enrichment of the soil & enhancing soil fertility which also helps in reasonable protection against crop damage by insects & disease.

Free Range Poultry

We have a few free range chickens mostly of 'aseel' & 'kadaknath' variety for free range eggs.


We have started with 'Farm Stays' at our farm for guests who would like to stay at our farm & experience life at a working organic farm. We have 2 comfortable double occupancy suites, each with an attached bathroom & a private patio. One of the suites also has an attached dining with it. The suites are air-conditioned & heated to offer a comfortable stay as per the weather, and there is a dedicated kitchen with these suites for cooking fresh & home made meals from our organic produce by a trained cook. Also there is arrangement of stay of accompanying driver or helper.

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